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DAISY - F1 Aussiedoodle

DOB: 03/17/2018

Color: White/Brown Parti

Height: 19"

Weight: 24 lb

Coat Traits: EE / KBKy / ata / DD / bb / spsp / FI / TT / CC / CC

Daisy has been genetically tested through Embark and has been cleared of all breed-relevant genetic health conditions. She has more of a wavy coat with some curls and tested as a likely light shedding. When she is brushed daily, she is not likely to shed. Daisy is a very good momma. She has whelped chocolate, white/chocolate parti, and chocolate with white points. They are gorgeous and always so soft. Daisy loves to be laying on the couch right next to us with her head in our lap.

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